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The Roman Empire
An internet based scavenger hunt
 Record
your answers to each question on
the answer sheet given to you by your
 Use the underlined links to navigate to
web pages with information that will assist
you in answering questions about the
Roman Empire.
 Ask for assistance if you have trouble
opening any of the websites.
 Start
here to read and answer the
following questions:
Why is the study of Ancient Rome important
and worthy of our attention?
How did the geography of Italy help Rome
obtain a commanding position among the
nations of the world?
The Rulers
Visit the PBS website and explore the links
which describe the following topics:
 For each of the following Emperors, answer the
questions that follow.
 Julius Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula,
Claudius, Nero
What years did they reign?
How did they come to power?
What was their reign like?
How did their term end?
The Territory
 Use
this map to highlight in your handout
the Roman Empire in 305 AD.
Life in Roman Times
 Use
this resource to discover information
about traditions in Roman times (baths
and chariot races.)
 In your packet describe the various social
classes that existed in Roman society
found here.
 Gladiators were a pillar in Roman society.
What would a day in the life of a gladiator
be like?
The Emperor or Rome Game
 Go
here to play the Emperor of Rome
Game. This is your chance to rule the
largest empire the world has ever seen.
You can choose which emperor you want
to be, then you'll face real situations where
you have to decide what you want to do.
 Record each of your actions on your
answer sheet.
The Rise of Christianity
 Go
here to find out which apostle was
largely responsible for spreading Christian
beliefs in the Roman Empire.
 Why were Christians targeted after the
Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD?