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The Rise and Spread of
Rome in religious turmoil
• Many Romans believed in paganism.
• The Jewish people were waiting for a
messiah sent from God to liberate them
from Roman control.
• The Jewish people were constantly
being persecuted and forced to scatter
throughout the empire.
Christianity takes shape.
• Jesus was born
around 4 B.C.
(historians believe that
his birth was recorded
inaccurately according
to documents, not in 0)
• He preached for three
years before being put
to death near the age
of 32.
The Message
• Strict obedience to the
laws of Moses and
• Salvation and eternal
life to all who believed
in him.
• Preached forgiveness
instead of “an eye for
an eye”.
Why was he killed?
• He threatened
• He was a threat
and may lead
the Jewish
people to revolt
against the
Paul Spreads the Word
• Paul of Tarsus
wrote the bulk of
the New
Testament in the
• Paul became a
follower of Jesus
after He appeared
to him in a vision.
Christians were persecuted
by the Romans.
• His reign was
known as the
Persecution of
Constantine becomes the
Christian Emperor.
Edict of Milan
• Legalized
in 313 A.D.
Theodosius I
• Made Christianity the official religion of
the Roman Empire.
The Empire in Crisis
• 26 Emperors reigned in
a 50 year period.
• Only 1 died of natural
• High taxes
• The Huns slice up pieces of
the empire.
• The Visigoths attack the
Western Roman Empire.
Attila the Hun
• Led “the Scourge of
• Ousted the last Roman Emperor in 476
Why did Rome Fall?
• Mercenaries hired who had little
loyalty to Rome.
• High taxes and poverty.
• Rich dedicated their lives to luxury
and self-interest.