Download World History – Unit 4 Part 1 exam study guide – Greece/Rome

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World History – Unit 3 Exam Study guide
1. Be able to describe how geography influenced the development of
a. Greeceb. Rome2. Be able to describe the types of governments created by Ancient Greece and Rome
and how they worked (purpose, who could participate, impact on today)
a. Greeceb. Rome3. Be able to describe the enduring cultural achievements of the of the Ancient Greeks
and Romans
a. Greeks
i. Philosophy, literature, medicine, math, science, art/entertainment,
b. Romans
i. Architecture/engineering, language, trade/transportation, literature,
art/entertainment, science/medicine, military
4. Be able to describe how Greek and Roman ideas, innovations, and achievements were
able to spread
a. Greeks
b. Romans
5. Be able to describe the basic beliefs of Christianity and how the ideas of Christianity
spread throughout the Roman Empire
6. Be able to describe important periods of Roman history
a. Transitions from Republic to Empire
b. Decline and fall of the Roman Empire