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Chapter 9 Roman Study Guide
What event occurred on the “Ides of March”?
________________- love of country
_____________ is the saving of a human soul from evil
with promise of life after death
________________- Reject
In Roman society, some women were allowed to-
What were accomplishments of Emperor Constantine?
________________ is a council of representatives
Etruscan city-states were governed by _____________
________________ are Christian writings where it
describes the life, death and resurrection of Jesus
The rule of Augustus Caesar marked the end ofDisciples =
Roman leaders feared the spread of Christianity
Forum =
Plebeians =
What did the Romans borrow from the Greeks?
Tribunes =
Romans persecuted Christians who refused to-
Dictator =
Persecute =
The Roman government held a census toWhy did Augustus have Virgil write the epic that became
the Aeneid?
An important event that marked the support of Christianity
by Roman rulers took place when-
When did Rome first gained control of territory outside of
A slave or prisoner who fought for entertainment of the
citizens is a _______________
According to legend, Romulus did what?
_______________ is a person sent out to teach others