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The Byzantine Empire
(The Eastern Roman Empire)
Byzantine Empire
 Barbarian tribes overran Italy
 Emperor Constantine moved Rome to
 Excellent location for trade
 Located between Asia and Europe
Politics in Constantinople
 Empire Justinian tried to
rebuild Roman glory
 Code of Laws
 Hagia Sophia
The Church Splits
 Differences developed between Eastern and
Western Church
 Christian Church splits
 West = Rome = Pope = icons = Roman
Catholic Church
 East = Constantinople = Patriarch = no icons
= Eastern Orthodox Church
The Islamic Faith
 Created by the prophet Mohammed
 Monotheistic = Allah
 Holy city = Mecca
 Religious text = Koran (Qur’ an)
 Based on the Five Pillars of Islam
The Spread of Islam
 Spread through jihad, trade and empire
 Divided into two sects
Shi’ites (minority)
Sunni (majority)
Contributions of the Arabic World
 Translated Greek books into Arabic
 First chemical laboratories
 Treatment of disease (diagnosed smallpox
and wrote an encyclopedia of medicine)
 Created algebra
 Arabic numerals
 Wrote the Arabian Nights