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Gaius Julius Caesar was born 3 days before the
Ides of July, which is July 13, in 100 B.C.
The young Julius went to Rhodes to study
oratory, but on his way he was captured by
pirates whom he charmed and seemingly
befriended. After he was freed, Julius arranged to
have the pirates executed.
Caesar's parents, Gaius Julius Caesar Sr. and Aurelia were
both from patrician families.
No previous Roman leader had held so many powerful offices
As was the custom among young Roman nobleman, Caesar
studied rhetoric, history and law and trained in the martial arts.
Caesar was the first Roman leader to issue coinage bearing his
own likeness.
The emporium (official authority) he held as
Governor of a Roman Provence would need to
be relinquished before he could enter Rome
and present himself as a candidate for the
63BC Was named Pontific Maximus, head of the
state religion
Served as Consul one of two chiefs officals in the roman republic
Twice invaded Britian, in what was the first extention of Roman
influence to that island