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Roman news
The News Romans Want to Know
June 12th, 475 A.C.
Do you Think Julius Caesar Deserved to be
What are the pros and cons of the Assassination of Julius
By Julia Roma and Cassandra Lila
By Julia Roma- Julius Caesar was stabbed
to death by members of the senate on
March 15th, 44 B.C. He should have been
killed way before then. He went against
the Roman Republic in many ways. He
became dictator for life. Dictators should
only be in charge for six months, at most.
He acted like a king, which went against
the Roman promise to never have a king
or a monarchy. He also didn’t listen to the
Senate when they told him to disband his
army when he entered Rome.
He appointed his friends as the
Senate, which was not how Rome wanted
to be represented. Since he increased pay
for soldiers, the soldiers have less loyalty
to Rome. Instead, they are there because
they need the money to support their
Caesar also made bad social
reforms. He helped the plebeians, which
hurts the patricians. Patricians should
have more power than the plebeians
because the patricians' ancestors created
Rome. He redistributed land from the rich
to the poor. He gave veteran soldiers land
in the provinces. He even let the plebeians
join the Senate! All these things hurt the
patricians and Rome. Cassius and Brutus,
"friends" of Caesar in the Senate, led a
conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar.
By Cassandra Lila- Julius Caesar
was stabbed to death by some of the
senators on March 15th, 44 B.C. He had so
much to offer the world. It is horrifying
that people would actually stab such a
great leader. He could have created a
prosperous golden age. Caesar helped the
plebeians by creating jobs for them. He
also redistributed some of the large
amounts of land owned by the patricians
to plebeians. It would not be fair if only
the rich had land simply because they had
more money.
He also paid soldiers, which is
good because people have a reason to
serve and they know that they are helping
their families. It helps the economy
because the plebeians can buy food and
luxuries. Caesar gave land from colonies
to veteran soldiers. This can help cultural
diffusion around the empire. Also, people
are happy to serve in the army knowing
that they will return home to land. Caesar
gave citizenship to the conquered people.
This made countries want to be in the
Roman Empire, because they would have
a say in government.
In general, Caesar supported the
people of Rome, whereas the Senate
supported only the patricians. The
patricians were the minority in Rome, so
the Senate was not representing most of
Rome. Caesar expanded Rome. His
assassination also caused a civil war on
who would get the throne after him.
Cassius and Brutus should not have
created a conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar.
Shown in this picture is the Senate stabbing Julius Caesar to death.
Exploring Ancient Civilizations book 2 by Tomas McCarthy
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