Download 1. Describe two functions of centromere during mitosis. 2. a) Look at

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Describe two functions of centromere during mitosis.
a) Look at the photograph in the given fugure which shows onion
root tip cells dividing. Identify which stage (interphase, prophase,
metaphase, anaphase or telophase)best describes the
appearance of each of the cells A-E.
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b) Explain why root tips are particularly suitable material to use
for preparing slides to show mitosis.
c) A cell in the G1 stage of interphase had 10 arbitrary units of
DNA contained in six pairs of homologus chromosomes. If it
divided by mitosis, how many units of DNA and how many
chromosomes would there be,
i) In the nucleus at the end of G2?
ii) During metaphase?
iii) In each nucleus at the end of telophase?
a) Micro propagation is the process where plant cell from any
tissue specially the fast growing is taken and placed in nutrient
medium. The cell will start dividing and give rise to the new cells
which eventually produces the whole plant body.
Suggest four advantages of producing plants by the micro
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b) Describe two differences between cell division in animal cells
and plant cells.
Below figure demonstrates the chromosomal behaviour during
Describe in your own words, the mechanism of chromosomes
formation during the mitotic cell cycle.
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Below figure demonstrates the process of Cytokinesis in the
animal cell.
Explain the process of Cytokinesis in the plant cells, and how
does it differs from the above mentioned process.
State the points of significance of mitosis in the cells.
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