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Chapter 8 study guide
Know all about metabolism
Catabolism/catabolic pathways
Anabolism / anabolic pathways
1st law of thermodynamics
living organism and energy
2nd law of thermodynamics
various types of energy and what they are used for with regards to organisms
know what each part of the free energy equation means and measures, and how H and
S effect G
change in free energy at chemical equilibrium
exergonic / enderonic reactions
endergonic /exergonic reactions and G
ATP molecule and coupling
ATP ADP: info about reaction
How ATP energizes a cellular process
Energy coupling
Facts about ATP
Chapter 9
What is the term for metabolic pathways that release stored energy by breaking down
complex molecules?
What is the term used for the metabolic pathway in which glucose is degraded to carbon
dioxide and water?
What happens in redox reactions?
What happens to the reducing agent in a redox reactions?
What is the balanced equation for cellular respiration? What is being reduced? What is
being oxidized?
Where does glycoysis take place?
What event or process in cellular respiration is oxygen directly involved in?
What process happens with or without oxygen?
During glycolysis, when glucose is catabolized to pyruvate, most of the energy of
glucose is
What are the end products of glycolysis?
How many molecules of ATP are used in glycolysis? Produced?
What molecule is made from pyruvate?
During what process of cellular respiration harvests the most energy?
Where are the proteins of the electron transport chain located?
What is the primary role of oxygen in cellular respiration?
What pathway do electrons follow inside an active mitochondrion?
Where does the oxygen for the synthesis of water come from during oxidative
In chemiosmotic phosphorylation, what is the most direct source of energy that is used
to convert ADP +P  ATP?
What is the result of hydrogen ions being pumped from the mitochondrial matrix across
the inner membrane and into the intermembrane space?
TO completely oxidize glucose, how many molecules of oxygen are needed?
Which metabolic pathway is common to both cellular respiration and fermentation?
In muscle cells, pyruvate is converted to …? What is gained in this step?
What are the products of alcoholic fermentation?
What is the function of both alcoholic and lactic acid fermentation?