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Name: ___________________________
Science Test: CELLS
What Do I Need To Know?
1. You need to know what all living things are able
to do. These are called life processes:
1. They all grow.
2. They all get food.
3. They all respond to the environment.
4. They all reproduce.
2. You need to know where cells come from.
1. organism
2. cell
3. unicellular
4. multi-cellular
5. chlorophyll
6. tissue
7. organ
8. organ system
9. organelles
3. You will need to be able to identify the different
parts of an animal cell:
 Cell membrane
 Cytoplasm
 Nucleus
 Mitochondria
 Vacuole
4. You will need to be able to identify how plant cells DIFFER from animal cells.
5. You will need to be able to discuss how cells are organized:
1 Cell
All of these
together will
make up an
animal or
Many cells make up TISSUE
Group of tissues make up ORGANS
Group of organs make up an ORGAN SYSTEM