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Intro to
Marine Biology
• Study of all living things in
the ocean
– Their interactions with each other
– Their interactions with the
• Involves chemistry, earth
science , physics and
Sources of wealth
• Source of food
– 80 million metric tons of
marine fish and shellfish
harvested annually.
– We are catching fish faster
than they can reproduce
– 60-70% of fish types are in
Sources of wealth
• Source of medicine
–Vitamin A and D from
cod liver oil
–antibiotics from
–heart rate controllers
from some fish
(venom, etc.)
Sources of wealth
• raw materials
–Oil, natural gas, minerals
• recreation and tourism
• animal models for research
–Squid…..nervous system
–Horseshoe crabs…..sight
–Sea urchins….reproduction
Harmful effects of marine
• competition for resources
– Fishing, territory
• some cause disease
– Harmful algae blooms
• interference with weapons
and technology
– Sonar linked to marine
mammal stranding
Determining the nature of our planet
• Oceans cover 71% of our Planet’s surface
– Affects weather patterns
• More than half of our oxygen comes from
the ocean
• Creating new landforms
– beaches, islands, coastlines
• 20 trillion dollars worth of resources come
from the oceans
Determining the nature of our planet
• Aug-Oct 2006