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Job opening for a marine scientist:
molecular analysis of deep-sea samples
The Marine Biology Research Group of Ghent University is looking to recruit a motivated marine
scientist to perform molecular analyses on deep-sea samples, including meio- and macrofauna. The
aim is to (1) develop a DNA barcode database and (2) compare biodiversity estimates from molecular
data with those from morphological data. The work will entail lab work, data analysis and the
delivery of input for a scientific report.
The candidate will join a team involved in environmental baseline studies in an area under contract
for the exploration for polymetallic nodules with the ultimate goal of deep-sea mining. This team will
be part of the Marine Biology Research Group, a highly dynamic and international scientific
environment. The contract will last for 6 months.
Specific experience and competences:
A PhD in marine sciences, biology or equivalent.
Seagoing experience, preferably on multidisciplinary sampling campaigns, is a plus.
Excellent standard of spoken and written English
Experience in molecular lab techniques (DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing (e.g. NGS)) and
processing of molecular data (relevant bioinformatics tools).
Ability to perform data analysis and to write sound scientific reports
Inter-personal competencies:
Enthusiastic and highly motivated
Capacity to deliver on allocated tasks and to meet deadlines
Transparency in working and a teamā€orientated work ethic
Applications, including a motivation letter and curriculum vitae, should be addressed to Prof. Ann
Vanreusel, Marine Biology Research Group, Krijgslaan 281/S8, 9000 Ghent before the 18th of June.
Selected candidates will be invited for an interview and the employment contract will start as from
August 2015.
For further information on the job opening, please contact Prof. Ann Vanreusel (email:
[email protected], telephone: 09/264 85 21)