Download Scotland*s first National Marine Plan Anna Donald 24 April 2015

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• Published March 2015
• Policies for sustainable
• For all Scottish waters
• Full range of activities
• Binding on public
authorities taking
decisions which affect
the sea
• Sets the framework for
future regional planning
Plan in a nutshell
Strategic objectives – High Level Marine Objectives, MSFD
Sector level objectives – ecosystem, social, economic,
climate change (mitigation/adaptation)
Policies for sustainable development:
– GENERAL policies – apply across the Plan and considered
necessary for sustainability.
– SECTOR policies – read subject to General policies and to be
considered where direct or indirect implication for that sector.
• Support economic activity; interaction with other users;
environmental limits; climate change.
– SPATIAL policies – MPAs, renewables
• Aquaculture, transport, ports
– REGIONAL policies – for consideration in regional plans
Key references, Background, Key issues, Future
Supporting material and guidance
• Scotland’s Marine Atlas (e-book)
• National Marine Plan Interactive (NMPi) – GIS portal for
marine data
• National Marine Plan Online (NMPo) – web based library of
linked information
• Summary document of objectives and policies
• Topic sheet
• Planning circular on the relationship between terrestrial and
marine planning systems (and link to licensing)
Next steps and reflections
Lessons learned
Implementation and engagement
Monitoring, evaluation and review
Informing regional planning
How spatial?
Emerging issues…..
Consultation methods and ‘hooks’
User friendly presentation
Consistency vs Flexibility/Context
Measuring ‘value’