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Allison Herbst
 Marine biologists study the ocean and its organisms. This
can include micro-organisms, fish, and mammals. One
can study the behavior, habits, communication, and
population impacts in the field of marine biology. Marine
biology can even help our society by helping determine
water quality.
Skills and attributes…
 Communication
 Mathematics and Statistics
 Teamwork
 Oceanography
 Computer knowledge
 Bachelors degree in Marine Biology (minimum)
 PhD in Marine Biology/Biology/Biochemistry for
higher positions
 Scuba certified (preferred)
 Old Dominion University
 Biology, ecology, evolution, cell biology, and genetics courses
 Complete marine biology and oceanography
 Attend monthly Marine Biology Student Association meetings
 In state tuition and fees: $8,820
 Out of state tuition and fees: $24,480
 Room and board: $9,842
University of Hawai’i
Zoology and Oceanography
In state: $ 9,904
Out of state: $27,472
Room and board: $10,218
Education continued…
 College of William and Mary
 Goes up to masters degree
 In state: $15,463
 Out of state: $37,851
 Room and board: $9,622
 Starting: $52,525 (by employment sector)
 Assistant Professor: $68,403
 Associate Professor: $94,008
Virginia Wizard and Plan B
 Skills assessment: SMA: Science, Manufacturing, and
 Career interests: Investigative and Realistic
 Plan B: Ultrasound Technician
Ultrasound Technician
 Skills:
 Good written and oral communication
 Ability to be social
 Abilities:
 Be familiar with the ultrasound equipment as well as
muscles and tissues of the human body
 Analyze and comprehend what the ultrasound means
 Education: associates degree
 Salary: starting- $15.30-$23.32/hour
 median- $64,691