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Beth Bishop and Charles W. Anderson “Student conceptions of natural selection and its role in
Evolution” Journal of Research in Science Teaching 27: 415-427
An often cited study using pre and post tests on students that identifies common
misunderstandings and misused terms.
Kefyn M. Catley and Laura R. Novick (2009) Digging Deep: Exploring College Students’ Knowledge of
Macroevolutionary Time Journal of Research in Science Teaching 46: 311-332
A study that explores university students’ knowledge and understanding of the
timeframe of major historical and evolutionary events.
Paul Farber (2003) “Teaching Evolution and the Nature of Science” The American Biology Teacher 65:
A snapshot of teaching evolution in America in 2003 along with possible problems and
solutions to the traditional approaches to teaching the subject.
Ella L. Ingram and Craig E. Nelson (2006) Relationship between Achievement and Students’ Acceptance of
Evolution or Creation in an Upper-Level Evolution Course Journal of Research in Science Teaching 43: 724
Study using pre and post tests to evaluate how students’ belief in evolution affects their
understanding of evolution.
Murray S. Jensen and Fred N. Finley (1997) “Teaching Evolution Using a Historically Rich Curriculum and
Paired Problem Solving Instructional Strategy” The American Biology Teacher 59: 208-212
Study demonstrating that a historical approach to evolution and teaching with paired
problem solving as opposed to traditional lecturing can lead to a better understanding
of evolution by students.
Ross H. Nehm and Irvin Sam Schonfeld “Measuring Knowledge of Natural Selection: A Comparison of the
CINS, an Open-Response Instrument, and an Oral Interview” Journal of Research in Science Teaching 45:
A comparison of three different assessment strategies and the effectiveness of each on
providing adequate demonstration of understanding of evolution by students.
Martina Nieswandt and Katherine Bellomo (2009) Written Extended-Response Questions as Classroom
Assessment Tools for Meaningful Understanding of Evolutionary Theory Journal of Research in Science
Teaching 46: 333-356
A study on the abilities of grade 12 science students to answer hypothetical extended
response questions on evolutionary theory and how suitable that type of question is at
allowing students to demonstrate meaningful understanding of the subject.
Michael L. Rutledge and Melissa A. Mitchell (2002) High School Biology Teacher’s Knowledge Structure,
Acceptance & Teaching of Evolution The American Biology Teacher 64: 21-28.
A survey of high school biology teachers on their beliefs and understanding of the
theory of evolution.
Nancy Butler Songer, Ben Kelcey and Amelia Wenk Gotwals (2009) How and When Does Complex
Reasoning Occur? Empirically Driven Development of a Learning Progression Focused on Complex
Reasoning about Biodiversity Journal of Research in Science Teaching. Published online
Very interesting report on developing a 3-year learning progression based on complex
reasoning about biodiversity.