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Do you aware of danger?
What is global warming?
• is an increase in the earth's temperature
due to fossil fuels, industry, and
agricultural processes caused by human,
natural, and other gas emissions.
How Global Warming Works
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas)
What’s the difference
between “global warming”
and “climate change”?
is the increase of the
Earth’s average
surface temperature
due to a build-up of
greenhouse gases in
the atmosphere.
is a broader term that
refers to long-term
changes in climate,
including average
temperature and
What is the reasons of global
• Greenhouse effects
• smoke from factory chimneys and exhaust
from cars
• Natural changes
• nuclear power
• The production of electricity, petroleum
gasoline, automobiles, and processing of
Greenhouse Effects
• Emitted the gases to
the athmosphere
Occurance of new
Production of energy
• Fossil fuel use, driven by
economic and
population growth, is the
major cause
Natural Changes
Volcanoes release gases
Change in the Sun’s energy
Circulations of the ocean
The effects of global warming
• Sea level
• Agriculture
• Wildlife
• Health
• Water Resources
• Natural events
Effects on sea level
Warmer seas
Melting ıce
Asitic effect
Higher sea levels
Effects on agriculture
• Growth of plants
• Food and water shortages
• Low-lying land
• Carbon dioxide
• Uncertainity
Effects on wildlife
• Climate zones
• Forests
Effects on health
Warmer temperatures
Extreme events
Infectious diseases
Positive effects
Effects on water sources
• Changing evaporation and rainfall
• Hydroelectric power
Natural events
• Earth’s climate
changes naturally and
often produces
climatic extremes and
• Heat waves
• River and ocean
Storms and
What can we do?
Efficient energy uses
Insolute to homes
Leaving the car at
What governments can do?
• Establishing climate
change programmes
Regulations for
Renewable energy
Preventitive steps are crucial for us
• Everything is under the control of us, we
have to be aware of that. Otherwise, it will
be too late.