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Climate Change: The Move to Action
(AOSS 480 // NRE 480)
Richard B. Rood
Cell: 301-526-8572
2525 Space Research Building (North Campus)
[email protected]
Winter 2012
February 23, 2012
Class News
• Ctools site: AOSS_SNRE_480_001_W12
• 2008 and 2010 Class On Line:
The Current Climate (Released Monthly)
• Climate Monitoring at National Climatic
Data Center.
• State of the Climate: Global
• Communication Redux
• Project Timelines and Some Guidance
• News
• Questions
Follow up: Extremes and Communication
• Extremes offer an opportunity for communication
– Grab people’s attention
– Costly – extreme events have been and will be
responsible for great cost
– Draw a lot of people into science classes
• Extremes challenge the weather-climate, natural
variability interface
– Does an event have to be the most extreme to be
attributed to climate change?
Follow up: Extremes and Communication
• Extremes are important to
– Regional use of climate information
– Local use of climate information
• Extremes relevant to all of this years
Follow up: Extremes and Communication
• Some words I wrote down from lecture and
Dumbing down
Explain to your mother
Granularity of the audience
Broadcast communication
Smoking gun of climate change
Role of fear
Effectiveness of lectures
• Currently a topic of great interest to the
climate community.
– Motivations
Respond to the denial in political argument
Educate the public
Convince the electorate
Responsibility of tax-supported research
Make science relevant to society
Some prominent and recent efforts
Climate Science Rapid Response Team
Climate Communication
Climate Central
Climate on Steroids
Multitude of Sources
• Government Agencies
• Museums
• Non-governmental Organizations / Professional
• Universities / Educational Organizations
• Magazines / News Organization
• Corporations
• Weather Web Sites
• Blogs – of every flavor
Use of climate information
• Research on the use of climate knowledge
states that for successful projects, for
– Co-development / Co-generation
– Trust
– Narratives
– Scale
• Spatial
• Temporal
Lemos and Morehouse, 2005
• Broad subjects and teams defined
• Meeting 1 with Rood
– Now to early March: Project vision and goals
• Meeting 2 with Rood
– Mid to late March: Progress report, refinement of goals if needed
• Class review
– Short, informal presentation, external review and possible
• Oral Presentation: April 10 and 12
• Final written report: April 25
Project Teams
• Education / Denial
– Allison Caine
– Nayiri Haroutunian
– Elizabeth McBride
– Michelle Reicher
Project Teams
• Regional
– Emily Basham
– Catherine Kent
– Sarah Schwimmer
– James Toth
– Nicholas Fantin
Project Teams
• City
– Jian Wei Ang
– Erin Dagg
– Caroline Kinstle
– Heather Lucier
Project Teams
• University
– Nathan Hamet
– Adam Schneider
– Jillian Talaski
– Victor Vardan
• Goal to facilitate problem solving
– Based on class experience
– Support narratives
– Build templates for problem solving
News for Discussion
• Peter Gleick and Heartland
– Peter Gleick: Huffington Post
– DeSmogBlog: The documents
– Thinkprogress
• Rick Santorum and Climate Change
– Climate change and religion
• Climate scientists attacked
– Michael Mann: The Atlantic
– Physics Today