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Climate Change
The Changing Sea
The long-term average of weather conditions over a large area
and over many years.
The daily and
conditions we
experience in
various locations.
Climate Change
Any change in global
precipitation or other
weather patterns over
the long term due to
natural variability and
human activity,
primarily the rapid
increase in greenhouse
gas emissions in the
Global Warming
A sustained increase in the Earth’s
atmospheric and oceanic temperatures
caused by greenhouse gasses trapping heat
near the Earth’s surface.
The Greenhouse Effect
Major Greenhouse Gases
CO2 (carbon dioxide)
NO (nitrous oxide)
CH4 (methane)
H2O (water vapor)
HFC (hydrofluorocarbon)
PFC (perfluorocarbon)
SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride)
O3 (ozone)
Carbon Dioxide
Keeling Curve
Carbon Cycle
Rising Sea Levels
Wading Birds
Mangroves around the World
Hope Electrified
Right now, the
United States has
technologies that
together could
replace fossil fuelbased energy
production and
reduce carbon
Iceless Arctic
In the once ice
covered Arctic, the
world is changing
fast for everyone
who lives there—
animals and people
are losing their
homes right now.
Arctic Ice Loss
Acid Ocean
The chemistry of
the ocean is
changing at a
troubling rate as it
absorbs carbon
pollution, making it
difficult for many
kinds of ocean
inhabitants to
Ocean Acidification
Faith and Action
People and
communities are
responding to climate
change for many
reasons: their sense of
what’s right, their
concern for future
generations, their
spiritual beliefs, their
desire for justice for
the poor and their
connection to all life on
Simmering Seas
Warming temperatures
affect ocean animals in
different ways
Spotted Jellies
Green Sea Turtles
Vanishing Feast
Climate change is
making ocean
productivity more
variable making it
more difficult for
Magellanic penguins
and other seabirds
to find food.
Magellanic Penguins
World of Change
Countries and cities
around the world
have already set
carbon pollution
reduction goals and
are making creative
changes to reduce
carbon pollution.
Small Groups,
Big Differences
These people share
hope for a better
future and are making
changes together in
their communities,
businesses and schools
to lower their carbon
pollution and build a
stronger community.
Making Change Not Carbon
We can solve the climate crisis by making little
changes on our own and big changes together.
Why the Aquarium is talking
about Climate Change
Critical Threats to the