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Honors Genetics 2012
Lemon Bay High School
Ms. Susan Chabot
1860s: Gregor Mendel - an Austrian monk
grew peas in the monastery gardens.
He noticed patterns among the generations of
plants when they were cross-pollinated by
hand and then allowed to fertilize naturally.
GENETICS-what we know today
Every type of cell from every
contains DNA
Sometimes the
DNA is located in
the NUCLEUS of
the cell as in
Sometimes the DNA is
EUKARYOTES NOT located in the
NUCLEUS of the cell
Whether the organism is a EUKARYOTE or
the DNA instructs the cell to make proteins.
The proteins are made into tissues , pigments,
hormones, enzymes, and many other
components the cells need for survival.
Pedigree Charts
family diagrams that help us track
traits and make predictions about future
changes in the original instructions of a gene
 cause mutations
 Pesticides
 Air pollution
 Chemicals
 Smoking
 Radiation
 Sun
 X-ray exposure
 Fallout
Genetic Engineering
•Recombinant DNA:
•Cutting the DNA from one organism and
joining it with the DNA from another
•Human gene for insulin into bacteria:
bacteria multiply and make insulin for
Insulin gene
Genetic Engineering
Dolly the sheep: insert the
nucleus from the body cell of
an adult sheep into the egg cell
of another similar animal and
allow to gestate.
Genetic Engineering
•inserting sperm nucleus into eggs to
fertilize them for an infertile couple, then
allow to gestate.
Genetic Engineering
• Insertion of pesticide genes into foods so
that they will make proteins that will
develop innate resistance to weeds and