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Warm up
What do all these substances have in
The Mac Daddies of
Or Macromolecules and their
functions in living things…..
Macromolecules-what are
They’re giant molecules formed from
monomers by polymerization into
Monomers are smaller molecules, like
beads in a necklace or links in a chain
(think bling).
Polymerization is just a fancy term for
becoming a big ole molecule!
Macs of Importance for
Nucleic Acids
Made of Carbon:Hydrogen:Oxygen in
a 1:2:1 ratio
Found in fruits, vegetables, & grains
Made from monosaccharides (single
sugars) which form polysaccharides
Examples: glucose, fructose, starch,
We get energy from carbs!
They will not dissolve in water.
They are made of fatty acids &
They are fats,steroids,oils and waxes
Examples are margarine, shortening,
meats, olive oil, peanut oil
Lipids are used for storing energy
(why it pays to have some fat on you!)
Proteins are just chains of amino acids, like
a beaded necklace, that sometimes fold into
weird shapes
Their functions are VAST!!!!!
Enzymes (promote chemical reactions)
Provide structure (hair, bones, muscles)
Antibodies (fight infection)
Carry things (oxygen from lungs to rest of body)
Nucleic Acids
Are made of nucleotides with 3 parts– 5 carbon sugar+nitrogen base+phosphate group
(no that’s not a band)
Commonly known as DNA and RNA
What they do: transmit genetic information
(in other words, why you have great aunt
Edna’s winning smile or uncle Harry’s ears)
 Name
3 elements that make
up the macromolecules.
 2 functions of proteins
 1 reason carbohydrates are
important for life