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China Resists Imperialism
What were the causes of the Opium Wars?
The Opium Wars
• Very little trade between China & the West
• Only trade involved silk & tea for silver which favored China
• Britain wanted to change this trade policy, so it favors the West
• Britain brings technology gifts to China, Chinese are unimpressed
• British bring opium from India to China
• 1835: 12 million Chinese were hooked on the drug – Chinese Qing Emperor
tries to ban opium
• Emperor’s advisor complains to Britain’s Queen Victoria
• Queen ignores him and Britain continues trading in
• 1839: China tries to destroy British opium. Britain
starts “Opium Wars”
drugs to
our people!
• Chinese loses the war
•1842: Treaty of Nanjing gives Britain the island of Hong Kong
& extraterritorial rights (foreigners not subject to Chinese
Poppy Plant
with it!
Taiping Rebellion
• Rebellions break out against the Qing Government for not protecting China
• 1850: Hong Xiuquan forms a peasant army and attacks the Qing Govt.
• Hong’s movement is called the Taiping Rebellion
• 1864: Empress Cixi asks British & French to help defeat Hong’s army – 20 million+
killed in Taiping rebellion
• Qing Govt. owes the west – more trade to come
• European countries & Japan begin to compete to bring China under their Sphere
of Influence
• Fearing another “Scramble for Africa”, the US negotiates the open door policy, which allowed all nations
trade with China
• The new Qing Emperor wants to end o.d. policy
• He is arrested & replaced by Empress Cixi who expands foreign influence
•1900: Many Chinese were angry and began to revolt during the
Boxer Rebellion
•Although the Boxers were beaten, China knew it must reform – elections
& Const. Monarchy urged!