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Imperialism - China
What country took over the area you are assigned? How?
Did the people fight back? What did that look like etc.?
How did they treat the people they conquered?
Did they take resources? Etc.
How long did they rule over the area?
The British and other European powers took over China
The people of China did fight back – The Opium War
The solution was opium. The drug was very popular in China
but many people became addicted to the drug. Europeans
began smuggling opium into China.
Results = The treaty of Nanking – opened 5 more ports to
Western trade and gave the British extraterritoriality.
The Taiping Rebellion – led to the Qing dynasty, 20 million
Chinese people died
The Boxer Rebellion – a secret society that hated foreigners
and attacked missionaries and Chinese converts to
Christianity, the uprising was suppressed and the Chinese had
to pay heavy fines.