Presidency Chart – William McKinley (25th) (1897
Note Taking Study Guide
According to this cartoon, which European countries were fighting
AP WORLD HISTORY European Imperialism in Africa and Asia
Imperialism Case Study: Nigeria
Imperialism in Africa Document-Based Question
Imperialism DBQ
chapter 27 -
ESSAY DBQ: Effects of Imperialism
Note Taking Study Guide
Note Taking Study Guide
Source #1: Cecil Rhodes quotation
Chart - Old vs New Imperialism
Imperialism Do Now - Pleasantville High School
WORLD HISTORY DBQ: What caused the Sepoy Rebellion?
Chapter 22 Shadow over the Pacific Quiz #9
Economic Imperialism in Latin America
CHAPTER 12 The New Imperialism 1800
NB#2: Scramble for Africa Reading Cartoon Analysis
The Scramble for Africa