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Test Review
* Insurrection
A violent uprising against an authority or government
* Annexation
The takeover of a place; to add a place to one’s own
* Imperialism
a policy in which strong nations control
weaker countries or territories
* big stick diplomacy
Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy; use of military
* moral diplomacy
Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy
* spheres of influence
privileged access by Britain, France,
Germany, and Russia to China
* Jingoism
aggressive form of nationalism
* extractive economy
An economy that is based on mining or producing
raw materials to be
used in foreign industries is called
* export economy
* Rough Riders
A volunteer cavalry unit in the Spanish-American
War was called
* The Platt Amendment
brought Cuba within the U.S. sphere; gave the
United States the right to preserve order in Cuba
* The Foraker Act
* Social Darwinism
the belief that life is a competitive
struggle and only the fittest survive
*William Randolph Hearst
Yellow journalist; owner of the New York
*Jose Marti
Cuban nationalist who led rebellions against
the Spanish
*William Howard Taft
governor of the Philippines who later
became President of the United States
*Emilio Aguinaldo
a Filipino nationalist
* What year was Queen Liliuokalani overthrown?
* What year did Congress approve the annexation
of Hawaii?
* What happened within a year of United States
Navy Commodore Matthew Perry’s arrival in
Tokyo Bay in 1853?
Perry negotiated a treaty that opened trade to
the United States.
* When did the United States grant
independence to the Philippines?
* Based on the Open Door Policy, which country
wanted open trade with China?
United States
* Name the ways the United States supported
the construction of the Panama Canal.
Sent people and money to Panama to help build
it; helped Panama gain its independent from
Colombia so United States could build a canal in
Panama at a lower price
* Why did United States Navy Commodore
George Dewey lead an attack on ships in the
Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War?
Manila Bay was ruled by Spain, and the ships
belonged to the Spanish.
* Why did the United States want overseas
because the territories had customers who buy
U.S. products.
* What are the three points in favor of increased
US involvement overseas during the early 20th
century? Write and explain each.
- Economic
Some people believed that the US needed to
exercise global power in order to have overseas
markets in which it could sell excess goods it
produced at home
- Military strength
- Belief in Social Darwinism