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Vocabulary – Chapter 22
imperialism – the practice of extending a nation’s power by starting colonies and conquering other
isolationism – the policy of avoiding involvement in the affairs of other countries
spheres of influence – an area where powerful countries control the trade and natural resources of
another nation
Open Door Policy – a policy established in 1899 by the United States that all nations should have
equal access to trade in China. (proposed by John Hay)
Boxer Rebellion – a rebellion by Chinese nationalists who were angry at foreign control of large
parts of China
yellow journalism -- reporting about scandals, crime, and gossip with stories that were often
exaggerated or even untrue in order to sell more newspapers
Teller Amendment --1898 resolution of Congress that stated that the United States Had no
interest in taking control of Cuba
Anti-imperialist League – Americans who were opposed to imperialism and to the treaty that
ended the Spanish-American War
Platt Amendment – limited Cuba’s right to make treaties and allowed the United States to
intervene in Cuban affairs
Panama Canal – completed in 1914, it is artificial waterway built by the United States across the
isthmus of Panama. (Disease was a problem during construction)
Roosevelt Corollary – Theodore Roosevelt’s 1904 addition to the Monroe Doctrine declaring that
the United States had the right to intervene in Central and South America in
order to keep the peace
dollar diplomacy – influencing the governments of Central and South America through economic
control, not military control
Mexican Revolution – a series of revolutions that took place in Mexico between 1910 and 1920
Isthmus – A narrow strip of land connecting to larger bodies of land.