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Goal 6 Test Review
Panama Canal
Platt amendment
Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
Dollar diplomacy
Pancho Villa, General John J. Pershing
How did William Randolph Hearst and Joseph
Pulitzer change the newspaper industry?
Who were the anti-imperialist supporters? Give
specific names.
What were some reasons for the strengthening
of American ties to Hawaii in the late
nineteenth century?
Who wrote The Influence of Sea Power on
History? What were the major points of the
What was the Teller amendment?
What territory was ceded to the United States
by Spain as a result of the Spanish-American
How did the United States deal with Cuba in
the years after the Spanish-American War?
What happened in the Philippines after the
Spanish-American War?
How did Josiah Strong influence American
imperialism at the end of the nineteenth
How did President Theodore Roosevelt acquire
the right to build a canal across Panama for the
United States in 1903?
The Roosevelt Corollary was significant for
U.S. relations with countries in the Western
Hemisphere during the twentieth century
because it established what precedent for he
United States
The Great White Fleet was the American navy
that which American president sent around the
world from 1907 to 1909?
What was the gentlemen's agreement?
What was the object of William Howard Taft's
dollar diplomacy?
Which of the following best describes
Woodrow Wilson's policy toward Mexico?