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Panama Canal
1. Identify the treaty giving the United States the sole or only country to have the
right to build a canal in Latin America.
2. Where was the canal going to be built? Identify the year and which event caused
the plan to be changed.
3. Which country controlled the area where the United States wanted to build a
4. Which event ultimately caused the new country to be formed?
5. Identify the individual who was able to rid Panama of mosquitoes and the process
he used to get rid of the mosquitoes
6. How many miles were saved with the new canal on a trip to the Atlantic Ocean to
the Pacific Ocean?
7. Define the “Big Stick Diplomacy”. What president was responsible for it.
8. Define “Open Door Policy”. Who was responsible for this policy?
9. Define the Roosevelt Corollary.
10. Define Dollar Diplomacy