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S.R. De Carlo 2010-2011
Transforming the Nation
GROWTH AND Change in America
National Expansion, Industry, and Immigration
Important People – Complete the chart below for these important people at the turn of the century:
Light bulb and other uses for electricity.
Cultivation techniques for peanuts and other creative
uses of peanuts. Taught poor farmers how to
become better farmers with limited resources.
The Wright Brothers
Tried to remain neutral in war until the Spanish
destroyed a ship outside of Cuba leading to the
Spanish-American War.
Reforms (women’s suffrage, food processing,
conserving environment) and Panama Canal.
Important Facts
1) Describe the reasons why people immigrated to the United States, where they settled, and what
parts of their culture did they assimilate into our culture.
Russians –
Chinese –
Jews –
Italians –
Irish –
2) Why were the cattle trails so important to western states like Texas? Explain the importance of
these trails.
The Great Western Trail –
The Chisolm Trail –
3) Why did America take over territories like Hawaii, Alaska, and the Phillipines?
4) How did the Panama Canal improve trade?
5) What is America’s policy in aiding other countries at a time of war? What caused the SpanishAmerican War?