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What is the Imperialism?
Imperialism occurs when a strong
nation takes over a weaker nation or
region and dominates its economic,
political, and cultural life.
After the Industrial Revolution, this
became a common practice of
European nations seeking new
sources of raw materials and markets
to sell manufactured products.
Industrialized countries of the west
sought to expand their economies by
obtaining raw materials which could
be transported back to factories,
turned into manufactured goods, and
shipped back to the colonies markets
for sale.
The Spanish-American war.
The immediate origins of the 1898 SpanishAmerican War began with the WilsonGorman Tariff of 1894. The American tariff,
which put restrictions on sugar imports to
the United States, severely hurt the
economy of Cuba, which was based on
producing and selling sugar. In Cuba, then
a Spanish colony, angry nationalists known
as the insurrectos began a revolt against
the ruling Spanish colonial regime. When
Spain sent in General "Butcher" Weyler to
stabilize the situation in Cuba, he put much
of the population in concentration camps.
The US, which had many businessmen with
investment interests in Cuba, became
concerned. The American public was stirred
into an anti-Spain frenzy by the yellow
journalism of men like Hearst and Pulitzer.
Nonetheless, President Grover Cleveland
promised he would not go to war.
The Panama Canal
The Panama canal, is a
77.1-kilometre ship
canal in Panama that
connects the Atlantic
Ocean to the Pacific
Ocean. France began work
on the canal in 1881,
but it stopped & The
United States took over
the project in 1904, and
took a decade to
complete the canal,
which was officially
opened on August 15,
Princess Liliuokalani
Queen Liliuokalani was the last
reigning monarch of the Hawaiian
islands. She felt her mission was
to preserve the islands for their
native residents. In 1898, Hawaii
was annexed to the United States
and Queen Liliuokalani was forced
to give up her throne.
• Panama Canal was used for trading and benefit
was for Europeans.
• In February 1898, the US battleship maine
exploded and sank in the Havana harbor. The loss
of the ship and its 260 crew prompted the
Spanish-American War.
• Congress didn’t approve American control of
Hawaii until after the end of the SpanishAmerican War.
• Queen Liliuokalani was the last ruler of the
kingdom of Hawaii.
Puerto Rico’s Map
Cuba´s Map
Philippines’ Map