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Chapter Twenty Three
Please study your Powerpoint slides!
The format of this exam will be:
 Multiple Choice
 Document Based Questions
 Short Answer Questions
To do well on this exam, you must study:
 Your Power point slides and question sheets
 Your structured class notes
To do well on this exam, you must be able to understand and explain:
 What is imperialism?
 What is isolationism?
 What is expansionism?
 Why did President Millard Fillmore send Commodore Mathew Perry to Japan?
 How did the Treaty of Kanagawa help Americans and the Japanese?
 What island was annexed by the United States?
 What was “Seward’s Folly?”
 What did Captain Alfred Mahan argue?
 What was the Great White Fleet?
 What land did the Americans take from King Kalakaua and Liliuokalani?
 What did the Americans gain when they took the lands called Hawaii and Samoa?
 What is a sphere of influence?
 What is yellow journalism?
 What country did President McKinley declare war on?
 Who led the Rough Riders on the Battle of San Juan Hill?
 Who was commander of the Pacific Fleet?
 What is an armistice?
 What did the Platt Amendment give the United States control over?
 Define the term, protectorate.
 What is an open door policy?
 What happened at the Boxer Rebellion?
 Where did President Roosevelt want to build a canal? Why did he want to build the canal?
 What was the Roosevelt Corollary?
 Who was the President after Theodore Roosevelt?
 What is dollar diplomacy?
 Who led the Mexican Civil War resistance?
 Who was sent from the United States to capture Pancho Villa?
Good Luck!
Extra Help:
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