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Chapter 14: Imperialism 1890-1917 Sections 1&2 pg. 454-466
1. What is Imperialism?
2. Why were raw materials and natural resources so
important to other countries?
3. Why did Imperialist stress military strength?
4. How did Alfred T. Mahan impact the U.S. navy?
5. What book did Mahan write?
6. What 3 things led the U.S. to believe that it would become
a superior country?
7. Who was Frederick J. Turner?
8. Explain how U.S power grew in the Pacific.
9. Explain how the United States acquired Hawaii.
Explain below the causes of the Spanish-American
 Who controlled Cuba?
 Who was Jose Marti?
 What was Yellow Journalism?
 Who was the Yellow Kid?
 What happened to the battleship Maine?
 What role did Theodore Roosevelt play in the war?
 What was the accomplishment of Commodore
George Dewey?
 What was the ninth and tenth regiment?
What was the “Splendid little war”?
What was the Treaty of Paris?
What happened to Cuba and Spain after the war?
Chapter 14 Sections 3: The United States and East Asia
1. Why did the Philippines resent America?
2. Who was Emilio Aguinaldo?
3. Why did 200,000 Filipinos die?
4. Who would become the governor of the Philippines in
1901? What would this man later become?
5. What four countries threatened U.S. trade rights with
6. What was John Jay’s letter about?
7. What other name were the Boxer’s known as?
8. Why was the Boxer’s upset with foreigners? Who did the
Boxers kill?
9. Who had to pay for the damages done by the Boxers?
Chapter 14 Section 4: The United States and Latin America
1. What was the Foraker Act?
2. Why were the Insular Cases so disappointing to the
Puerto Ricans?
3. Give the 3 provisions to the Platt Amendment that
applied to Cuba.
4. What was big stick diplomacy and what president did it
apply to?
5. Where was the Panama Canal built?
6. What would be a benefit of building the Canal?
7. What was the Roosevelt Corollary?
8. What were Dollar Diplomacy and what president used it?
9. What were Moral Diplomacy and what president used it?