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Chapter 5 Review Answers
1. What did the Americans do to the Philippine people that we criticized Spain for doing to the Cubans?
Tried to put down the Philippine insurrection by locking up the people in camps where many people died from
starvation and disease.
2. What war made America a world power?
The Spanish American War
3. What role did Henry Cabot Lodge play in American Imperialism?
He persuaded other senators to vote for taking over other countries
4. How did the Hawaiian people feel about being Annexed by the United States?
They did not want to be part of the US. They wanted their monarchy restored.
5. In which two areas of the world did we acquire land from Spain?
The Pacific and the Caribbean
6. What was the US hoping to achieve with the open door policy in China?
We wanted equal trading rights with the other European countries
7. In what country did Teddy Roosevelt lead the Charge up San Juan Hill?
8. Did everyone in the United states support imperialism?
No, people like Mark Twain and Jane Addams thought that we did not have the right to rule over anyone against
their will
9. Who published exaggerated stories in his newspaper hoping to start a war with Cuba?
William Randolph Hearst
10. Why did the US go to war with Spain?
To free the Cuban people
11. What was one bright side for the countries ruled over by the United States?
We brought modern medicine and technology to the area
12. What two difficulties did the US face in building the Panama Canal?
We had to kill the disease carrying mosquitos, and build locks (water elevators) to deal with the elevation
13. What role did Alfred Thayer Mahan have in American Imperialism?
He wanted us to have a large navy so we can have and maintain overseas colonies.
14. What role did Sanford B. Dole have in American Imperialism?
He led the takeover of the Hawaiian Islands by American businessman and became the president of the Republic
of Hawaii until we annexed it.
15. How did gaining territories from Spain help the United States?
It increased our trading opportunities around the world
16. What was the purpose of the U.S. involvement in the Spanish-American War?
To help Cuba be free from Spanish rule.
17. How did the U.S. obtain Alaska?
Bought it from Russia for $7.2 million
18. What are the factors that make up Imperialism?
- military strength
- new markets
- cultural superiority
19. What events lead to the U.S. entering into war with Spain?
Sinking of the U.S.S. Maine, de Lome Letter, yellow journalism
20. What policy was added to the Monroe Doctrine by President Roosevelt to protect the U.S. interests in Latin
Roosevelt Corollary- U.S. will use force to protect its economic interests in Latin American.
21. What territories did the U.S. acquire after the Spanish-American War?
Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines
22. Name the events that made the U.S. a world power.
U.S. Purchases Alaska, Spanish-American War, U.S. annexes Hawaii, Open Door Policy with C
Canal, U.S. overthrows Mexican dictator
23. What events did Theodore Roosevelt participate in that made him famous?
Spanish-American War & construction of the Panama Canal
24. What is dollar diplomacy?
U.S. guarantee loans of Latin America made to foreign countries.
25. What were the imperialist views toward the Philippines?
Extending U.S. markets into Asia
26. What was the purpose of building the Panama Canal?
Create a shorter trading route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
27. Why was opposition for the acquisition of the Philippines?
Some thought the U.S. was stepping on the Filipinos constitutional rights.
28. How was the U.S. able to buy the land in Panama to build the canal?
The U.S. helped the Panamanians gain independence from Columbia
29. What was the purpose for the Open Door Policy in China?
To prevent other nations from creating a monopoly
30. When did these events occur:
Construction of the Panama Canal: _______________________
Overthrow of Queen Lilliuokalani: ________________________
Spanish-American War:
Annexation of Hawaii:
hina, Panama