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Chapter 12 Study Guide
Becoming a World Power
1. Why had the growth of investment opportunities in western Europe
slowed by the late 1800s?
2. Why were Europeans looking overseas for places to sell their products?
3. What were the factors that contributed to the US developing an
imperialist policy?
4. How did Social Darwinists justify US expansion?
5. What is Anglo Saxonism?
6. What was the purpose of the naval expedition sent to Japan in 1853?
7. What are the events involved in the overthrowing of the Hawaiian
8. Why did people in the US in the late 1800s support building a large
9. What did Japan get as a result of the 1894 war between Japan and
10. How did the U.S. cause an economic crisis in Cuba?
11. Why did Americans support the rebels in Cuba?
12. Why did President McKinley send the Maine to Havana, what caused it
to explode, and what were the effects of the explosion?
13. What were the underlying causes of the Spanish American War?
14. What did the Platt Amendment do?
15. What were the provisions of the Treaty of Paris?
16. What did supporters of annexing the Philippines believe?
17. What is the present status of the Philippines?
18. What is the present political status of Puerto Rico?
19. What is the Roosevelt Corollary?
20. What are some examples of how it was applied by the US government.
21. What were the events involved in the building of the Panama Canal?
22. What is “dollar diplomacy?”
23. What is the Open Door Policy?
24. Explain who the following people were and their connection to the era
of overseas expansion:
a. Emilio Aguinaldo
b. John Hay
c. Liliuokalani
d. Alfred T. Mahan
e. Theodore Roosevelt
25. Know specific information (why or how it was colonized or acquired,
what happened there during the period of imperialism, etc.) about the
following places:
a. China
b. Cuba
c. Guam
d. Hawaii
e. Japan
f. Latin America
g. Panama
h. Philippines
i. Puerto Rico