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Road to an American
Spain had been an imperialistic country since
the late 1400s.
Cuba, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico were all
Spanish possession.
In the late 1800s Spain was declining and the
U.S. was increasing in political power.
The United States had economic investments in
Cubans were being abused by the Spanish
(yellow journalism).
The battleship Maine was in Havana Harbor
and mysteriously blew up.
The U.S. declared war on Spain.
The Battle of San Juan Hill
“A splendid little war”
The United States gained the following
territories at the end of the war:
The Philippines
 Puerto Rico
 Guam
 Virtual control over Cuba by virtue of the Platt
After the war our relationship with Spain was
not friendly.
The U.S. took a more dominant role in the
affairs of the world.
Who controlled the island nation of Cuba in the
early 1890s?
What did Secretary of War Stanton’s comment
regarding the Spanish/American War, “It was
a splendid little war” mean?
Was American involvement in the
Spanish/American War justified?