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Spanish American War
Unit 7
• A policy in which stronger
nations extend their economic,
political, or military control over
weaker nations
Origins of War
• U.S. had an
interest in Cuba,
a Spanish colony
“Cuba Libre”
• Cubans rebelled
against Spanish
rule, and many
Americans wanted
to help
Yellow Journalism
• A sensational style of writing, which
exaggerates the news to lure and
enrage readers.
• Helped win support for war
• On February 15, 1898,
the USS Maine is
blown up in a harbor
in Havana, Cuba.
Newspapers blamed Spain, and
Americans demanded war. On April 20,
1898 the US declared war on Spain
• The War Begins
• The war begins in the
Philippine Islands, a Spanish
colony in the Pacific Ocean.
• The US navy
defeated the
Spanish navy
and US troops
land in the
• Filipino
the US
because they
freedom from
Emilio Aguinaldo
War in Cuba
• Roosevelt
becomes a
national hero.
• He led Rough
Riders to
victory at
Kettle Hill,
which led to
victory at San
Juan Hill.
Treaty of Paris
• US and Spain signed an
armistice on August 12, 1898.
• Spain freed Cuba
• US got Guam and Puerto Rico
from Spain and bought the
Philippines for $20 million