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Writing Creative Briefs
Meeting 9
Creative Briefing is
• The bridge between smart strategic thinking
and great advertising
• The key tool with which planners and
partners inspire creativity
• Meeting where planner outlines the nature
of the problem and ways to solve it
• Brief is a document that summarizes the
meeting; it’s an ad to influence creatives
Brief as a means to an end
1. Clients do not participate
2. If it’s not relevant to the consumer it’s not
relevant to the brief
3. Don’t praise the product
4. Creatives write from a brief, not to it
5. Don’t show off how hard you’ve been
6. Answer a list of questions
Why are we advertising?
State client’s current business situation
• problems advertising needs to overcome
• ways in which advertising can help
Toyota wants to convince drivers to
experience the new 2003 Avalon
What is the advertising trying to
State advertising objectives
• Awareness (recognition, recall)
• Attitude (improve, maintain, create)
• Purchase intention (try, buy)
Toyota needs to:
Make current owners aware of the new model
Persuade Toyota users that Avalon is luxury
Inspire competitive owners to test drive
Who are we talking to?
Provides focus and decides whom to
• Should be expressed in usage and
Toyota wants to position Avalon as luxurious
to current brand users
What do we know about them?
Provides creative team with knowledge about
• Uses anecdotes from consumers
Avalon drivers are urban professionals who
are concerned about their self image
What’s the main idea we need to
The ‘proposition’ or message that people
should take away from the advertising
Avalon is Toyota’s most luxurious car that is
styled for urban professionals
What is the best way of planting
the idea?
The strategy or ‘how’ part of the message
• Contains suggestions and ideas
Avalon users drink bottled water for its
symbolic status. Why not equate the car
with the drinking preference?
How do we know we’re right?
Evidence, support for points just made
• Use consumer anecdotes from research
Avalon user reports he fanticizes about
washing his car with bottled water because
it deserves the best
Guidelines to consider
• Logo and placement
• Theme or tag line
• Web address or 800 number
Toyota logo, ‘Get the Feeling’ tag line and web address
Fostering and Inspiring
Advertising is a team sport
• Encourage everyone on the team to work
together with the consumer in mind
• Make your insights inspire them
• Don’t compromise, collaborate
• Respect the talents and skills of each
• Be consumer advocates
Inspiring presentations will
convince listeners that
• You understand what others are thinking
• You tell them something they can use
• You explain things in ways they can
understand them
• Your enthusiasm is so compelling they walk
away excited and eager to get going