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3 Online Advertising
3 Online Advertising
• You’ve seen millions of these!
• But you need to know some of the
reasons why companies use them
• And some basic details of how
online advertising works...
3 Online Advertising
Pay Per Click
Web Host
Offers ad
Takes ad space
Only pay
if people click
visit site
3 Online Advertising
Pay Per Click
• So advertisers only pay the website host
or owners if people click on their ads
• So the web site owners are desperate to
help their advertisers get clicks
• That’s why it’s also called the ‘affiliate
• The web host & advertiser work
together as partners to get your clicks!
3 Online Advertising
Types of Online Advertising
Sponsored Links
3 Online Advertising
Why Companies Advertise Online
Targetting & Cookies
3 Online Advertising
Why Companies Advertise Online
• Multimedia: Video & audio grabs attention
• Targeting & Cookies: Use cookies to display
relevant ads based on searches & views
• Links: Take users direct to advertisers’ sites
• Email: sends marketing messages direct to
customer inboxes (not illegal SPAM)
• So consumers are targetted to get & retain
their interest in relevant products
3 Online Advertising
How Ads Can Be Annoying
• Personal privacy: Not everyone is happy
with use of cookies & search history
• Adware: Type of ‘malware’ that generates
unwanted ads, often as popups
• Auto-play video: Some ads play video as
soon as the page loads
• Distraction: Ads can take your attention
from what you’re trying to do online
3 Online Advertising
• So what kind of questions could you
be asked about online advertising?
• Let’s look at some quick examples....
3 Online Advertising
Why might a website owner and an advertiser
want to be involved with an affiliate model of
online advertising? Give one reason for each. (2)
A website owner can host an advert and earn
money every time a user clicks on it.
An advertiser can put their ad on popular
websites and potentially get more custom
because more users will see their ad and visit
their website.
3 Online Advertising
Explain how banner and pop-up adverts aim
to capture and retain the interest of web
page users (2)
Banner and pop-up ads capture the attention
of users because they are usually animated or
include a video, or they suddenly appear
Banner and pop-up ads retain attention by
targetting a specific audience, for example an
advert for make-up on a fashion website
3 Online Advertising