Download 5th Grade Chapter 1 “QUIZ ME” Questions

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5th Grade Chapter 1 “QUIZ ME” Questions
Lesson 1 Questions
1. RECALL What are cells?
2. EXPLAIN What is cell theory?
3. RECALL What are three basic needs of living
4. LIST What organisms live as single cells?
5. EXPLAIN How do plants get energy?
6. NAME What is the part of the cell that contains
genetic information?
7. EXPLAIN How are plants able to stand upright?
8. EXPLAIN Why are mitochondria called the
‘power plants” of the cell?
9. TELL What is the function of chloroplasts in
10. RECALL What organelle processes proteins for
“shipment” outside the cell?
11. COMPARE How does the function of ribosomes
differ from that of the Golgi apparatus?
Lesson 2 Questions
1. DIFFERENTIATE What is one difference
between the way plants get food and the way
animals get food?
2. INFER If a plant can make its own glucose
(sugar), why do plants undergo cellular
3. DESCRIBE How do muscles move?
4. DESCRIBE How do single celled organisms
5. EXPLAIN When is energy required to move
substances through a cell membrane?
6. RECALL By what two methods to materials
move in and out of the cell?
7. CONCLUDE In osmosis, which molecule would
require NO energy to enter a cell---water (a
small molecule) or protein (a large molecule)?
8. RESTATE How would you restate the general
rule about the size of an animal and its energy
9. EXPLAIN Why does a plant need less energy
than an animal of the same size?
Lesson 3 Questions
1. RECALL Cells that are specialized in the same
way group together to form what structures?
2. EXPLAIN Why are skin cells generally flat and
arranged very close together?
3. RECALL What is an organ system?
4. DESCRIBE What is the primary function of the
digestive system?
5. APPLY Leaves and stems are what level of
cellular organization in plants?