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Name: ___________________________________ The Roman Republic (Chapter 33)
5. As a result of the _________________________, Patricians gave up some of their power
6. Who was forced to serve in the military?
7. In the Roman Republic, a Patrician was a member of the ______________, ruling class
8. What group served as judges and passed laws?
11. In order to stop Patricians from changing the laws, what did the Plebeians want to
happen to the laws?
14. Who predicted the next person to rule Rome?
17. Plebeians had no say in the laws of the early Roman Republic. How would you describe
their feelings at that time?
18. How many Consuls were there?
20. In the Roman Republic, a plebeian was one of the ___________ people.
21. A group of 300 men elected to govern Rome
22. The tablets laws were written on were called the ____________________
24. The Etruscans were the first to rule what city?
1. When the Etruscans were first kicked out, what group held all the power?
2. An official of the Roman Republic elected by plebeians to protect their rights
3. One of the two chief leaders of Rome
4. A type of government in which leaders are elected.
5. What does it mean to be forced to serve in the military?
7. Rome is similar to the modern day __________________ because both have republican
style governments.
9. If you were a wealthy and powerful landowner in Rome you were called what?
10. How long did Senators serve?
12. What position had the power to veto Senate laws?
13. To refuse to approve proposals of government.
15. Tribunes got into power by being __________________.
16. Whose job was it to command the army?
19. How long did Consuls serve?
23. Real equality was achieved when Plebeians could pass laws for ________________.
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