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Polypeptide Chain
Synthesis: A Paper
Simulation Actitivy
Are organic polymers.
◦ Polymers are composed of monomers.
 A monomer is a repeating structural unit
What is the repeating structural unit for a protein?
The amino acid
Basic Amino Acid
Amino group
R group
Carboxyl group
The Twenty Amino Acids with the R group of each highlighted
Involves two amino acids.
 Involves a dehydration synthesis.
 Involves a chemical reaction that occurs
between two specific areas of the amino
 Requires an –OH group and an –H from
another –OH group
Polypeptide Synthesis
Think about these questions:
What is a polypeptide chain?
2. What two functional groups are involved
in polypeptide synthesis?
3. How can water form during the synthesis
of a polypeptide chain?
Proteins are many chained structures.
Are organic polymers composed of monomers called amino
acids. How many amino acids are in this chain?
 Strands of amino acids are called polypeptide chains. Where
are the peptide bonds?
Is this a complete protein? No
Amino Acids
Polypeptide Chain
Protein with two
Polypeptide chains
The complete protein is the picture
with two polypeptide chains.
The sequence of
amino acids
determines the
specific protein
Question 10 on the
lab wants you to
write the sequence
of amino acids from
the paper chain
Use the (4) amino
acids to make a
Make another one:
What determines a specific
Video for Protein Function
Functions of Proteins