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Amino acids
by Jana Burianová, Joe Kalivoda
Amino acids classes
Basic classes:
• coded
» essential
» nonessential
• uncoded
• according to their capacity to interact with
Sources of A. A.
• metabolism (most plants,
• food (essential A. A.)
Main funtions of A. A.
A. A. are monomers for:
• peptides (2 - 100 units of A. A.)
• oligopeptides (2 – 10 A. A.)
• polypeptides (10 – 100 A. A.)
• proteins (100 & more)
structure (simple, composite)
form (fibrilar, globular)
solubility (scleroproteins, albumins, histones, globulins)
function (proteins of basic metabolism, specialized cells)
Structure of:
Polypeptide bond
• peptide bonds are amide linkages between the αcarboxyl group of one AA and the α-amino group of
another AA
Protein structure
• primary (specific amino acid sequence; the order in
which the amino acids are linked together (specified by
genetic information)
• secondary (Consists of several repeating patterns in a
part of polypeptide chain α – helix, b – pleated sheet)
• tertiary (unique three-dimensional conformation that
globular proteins assume as a consequence of the noncovalent interactions between the side chains in their
primary structure)
• quarternary (Many proteins are composed of several
polypeptide chains = subunits)
Biochemistry I doc.RNDr. Ivana Márová, CSc.
Biochemie I doc.RNDr. Ivana Márová, CSc.
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