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Nanolive SA / Ecublens (VD) /
We are scientists, working for scientists. Our belief is that each and every
Biologist, Researcher and Physician should be able to explore and interact
instantly with living cells without damaging them.
We want to support the study of how living cells and bacteria work, evolve
and react, thus building a solid base for new drugs and therapies, in order to
enable breakthrough researches.
This is the reason why we have developed the 3D Cell Explorer.
Nanolive SA was incorporated in November 2013 at the EPFL Innovation Park
in Lausanne, Switzerland, by Dr. Yann Cotte (CEO) and Dr. Fatih Toy (scientific
advisor), following the completion of their respective PhD theses at the EPFL
Microsystems laboratory of Prof. Christian Depeursinge (Head of Scientific
Advisory Board).
Late 2013, Dr. Andreas Kern and Dr. Sebastien Equis joined as Co-Founders
to lead the software development and hardware construction respectively.
Now the team is composed by eleven people from very different backgrounds and geographical origins: engineers, biologists, physicists and business.
Dr. Lisa Pollaro was hired Spring 2014 as Communication Manager, Dr. Sorin
Pop as Software Engineer for Image Processing and Nicolas Pignier as Mechanical Engineer.
In 2015 the team expanded with Dr. Bastien Dalla Piazza who joined as
head of scientific software, Álvaro Hernández Prieto, as head of embedded
software and electronics, Sabine Bautz as operation specialist and Martina
Biserni as R&D biologist.
Our 3D Cell Explorer delivers living cell tomography. Just as you may know
from a MRI in hospitals, our light microscope uses laser light to deliver live
scans of single cells. After placing the cellular specimen in the device, the 3D
Cell Explorer performs a continuous rotational scan, while a software allows
to display the cell on your computer in 3D within a second.
The intuitive software STEVE enables digitally staining on single cells with an
unlimited choice of colours and obtains its 3D reconstruction in real time.
To share, interact, and explore your results, the cells data can further be printed (e.g. 3D printer or 3D holograms), or can be directly viewed on 3D-beamers or in 3D animations.
In addition, supplementary services will be available through our Cloud Biotech Apps and Communities, thus making the 3D Cell Explorer the first cloud
Untere Steingrubenstrasse 25
4500 Solothurn