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Subject: Explorer II and CA Register IT Software
CentreVu Explorer II is designed to be a stand-alone server. The CentreVu Explorer II
installation document, further cautions users of co-residency issues resulting in
performance degradation.
It has been discovered through many trouble cases reported for CentreVu Explorer II
initially diagnosed as database problems where the root cause was found to be the use of
the third party application CA Registers and its open file backup process. The ability of
this software to backup currently open files and databases has caused minor to severe
damage to the SQL database used on the explorer server. It is therefore recommended
that the open file utility of this software not be used, or install an alternative backup
package. If the CA Registers application is still required for backup, users will have to
stop the CentreVu Explorer application services prior to running the backup or restore.
Marcy Valdez, SME
Tier III Senior Engineer
Desktop Applications
Mikkel Storesund
Technical Manager
Desktop Applications