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Backup power sources ASTIP STRONG series
Sources STRONG series are generally designed for installations where the engine
can not run smoothly.
Specifically designed for:
-For devices that do not have front-end frequency converter (FC) and the engine is tied to
In this case, the soft start is not possible, because the electronics for each smooth start
For cases where it is advantageous to power by one source more different
device at different times
These are cases where each device can be run continuously, but starting procedures of
individual devices, at the time, are different and unpredictable.The project is necessary to
consider whether financially is better power all devices with a single source or backup power
source associated equipment (multiple sources in a single enclosure with shared batteries),
or for each type of device individual backup power source.
A typical design
- Power supply roller door (no FC)
- Power supply pumps, increasing pressure, ATS (no FC)
- Power supply lifts (no FM)
- Power supply multiple devices, such as the lift with a fan, booster pump, ...
Financial savings
ASTIP STRONG sources eliminate start-up current (overload) in one module.Need not be
oversized entire source. Therefore, there is a significant financial savings.
Power Supply of fire protection equipment (PBZ)
Sources ASTIP STRONG series are designed in accordance with legislative requirements for
The above properties lead to another savings during the project of implementationfire
protection of buildings.
The architecture satisfy the requirements:
For two independent sources.
The sources with direct links powered devices
The PBZ power without any additional devices
The direct control signal fire (EPS) and TOTAL STOP.
TOTAL STOP off power is vitally important, not to leave dangerous voltage
of the object.
The above properties lead to another savings during the project implementation
Architecture and way of the control provides another simplification of the implementation and
saving investments.
Additional technical data
Power range from 350V to 300kVA
The output voltage 3x230, 3x400V, 50 HZ
Auxiliary power supply: 230V, 50 Hz ONLINE type of sine output to power any helper
Resources need not air-condition at room in which are located