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Chapter 4:
System Software
The Power Behind the
Classifications of Systems
Operating System
 Utility Programs
 Language Translators
Operating System
Master System of programs used to
manage the computer.
– Resource Management
– User Interface
– Kernel/Monitor/supervisor/resident portion
– Non-resident portion/
– Device Drivers
Operating System Tasks
 Managing Storage Media
 User Interface
– Menu
O/S Tasks (continued)
Resource Management
– Time
– Memory
– Storage
File management
 Task management
Task Management
 Multiprocessing
 Multitasking
 Time-sharing
File Management
Copy files
 Move files
 System/file backup
 Rename files
 Erase files
Common Operating Systems
PC* Operating Systems
– Macintosh OS
– OS/2
– Microsoft OS’s
Windows 3.x
Windows 9x (Me)
Windows NT/2000
– Novell Netware
Common OSs (Continued
– ATT System V
– Linux (PC)
– FreeBSD family (PC and others)
VMS (DEC Vax computers)
 VM (IBM Mainframe)
 Palm
Operating Environment
A “Shell” added to an OS to give a
particular user interface.
 Examples
– Windows 3.x over DOS
– Workplace Shell for OS/2
– X – a windowing environment for many
OSs especially various versions of Unix
Utility Programs
Enhance existing functions or provide
services not provided by the O/S
 Examples
– Data recovery
– Backup
– Anti-virus
– Disk repair
– Compression
Language Translators
Programs used to translate Source
programs into Machine programs.