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Backup power sources ASTIP RECTIFIER series
To power supply the elevators, controlled by frequency converter
Backup power sources Rectifier are designed for devices which motors are powered and
controlled by frequency converters.
Use ability of frequency converter, namely the possibility of DC power via DC voltage
terminals.It offers very cheap and reliable backup.Sources Rectifier include "only" DC
inverter with stable voltage suitable for powering FC, logic of switching between electrical
network and output UPS, control logic and evaluation of hazardous states, battery charger. It
also contains a source of 230V sine ON-LINE or OFF-LINE to power other devices of
elevator such as doors, lighting, ..
.Source Rectifier can be delivered in off-line and online, they can be used as a power source
for fire protection of electrical equipment
Financial savings
Because do not contain the most expensive item - 3x400V inverter, which is for the
complexity and vulnerability to overload the most expensive part of the normal UPS 3-3, the
sources Rectifier able to save 50-70% of the cost of the backup.
The architecture complies the requirements:
Supply fire protection equipment
Architecture and management of backup resources ASTIP PS series was created in
accordance with the requirements of the fire safety of buildings CSN 73 0802, 73 0804, with
no. 23/2008
Sources of matching these prescriptive requirements:
The two independent sources.
The sources with direct links powered devices
The PBZ power without any additional devices
The direct control signal fire and TOTAL STOP.
TOTAL STOP off power is vitally important, not to leave dangerous voltage
of the object.
The above properties lead to another savings during the project implementation
Additional technical data
200-500V DC power supply such as roll
400-800VDC power supply frequency converters with full power
Power range from 1800VA to 150kva
The output voltage 3x230, 3x400V, 50 HZ
Auxiliary power supply: 230V, 50 Hz ONLINE type of sine output to power any helper
Resources need not air-condition at room in which are located
For design of sources we cooperate with manufacturers and suppliers of elevators in the
country. These resources have been deployed such as elevators Ostrava, El-You, Pardubice, Lifts,
Elevators Pilsen in cooperation with Vsetin limit.