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Choose a game
Below are the three levels of game integration (repeat from previously read pages on levels of
Peppered Moth Game
Immune Attack
Gamestar Mechanic
Full Immersion
Classroom Dojo
Pick three other examples of educational games that could support student learning and engagement.
Pick THREE digital education games you could use in your classroom or future classroom.
Write a summary (100+ words) for each game include the following:
o Which level of integration the game would fall under?
o How would you integrate the game into your class?
o What would you need for the game to be successful?
o Why do you like the game?
Example search terms:
Digital education game(s)
Digital educational game(s)
Digital edutainment
Digital education platform
Digital gamified game(s)
Digital education game(s)
Introduction to classcraft
In this assignment, you will utilize a tutorial that will allow you to learn functions of
Classcraft, how using games can make a class more meaningful and engaging. Also, you will
learn more about game pedagogy, behavioral science, motivation, scaffolded intervention,
behavioral intervention, personalized learning, and social-emotional learning (SEL). Whichever
gamified platform or program you choose in the future, always have your students' needs as the
main goal that the game will meet.
The following link is a teacher certification course where you will get to explore the
options and prepare to take a class questline. Please post the certificate in the assignment labeled
“Teacher Certification”. (Links to an external site.)
Complete the following:
Finish Teacher Tutorial Questline
Complete Google Form Quiz
Post certificate (screenshot or file of the badge)
Short write up of experience of the tutorial (100 + words)
o What you liked
o What you disliked
Backup plans
When using any digital technology there will be times when it will not function as
designed or function at all. You have read a little bit about backup plans and how they can help
you as a teacher not lose teaching time. In this discussion section, you will be sharing your ideas
about what you could do as a backup for your digital games that you might use in your
For this discussion:
Inform us about two ways you can have backups for when technology fails.
For each backup plan (2x), tell us using (50+ words per backup plan)
o Total of 100+ words for the discussion
o Be as detailed as you can
o Your examples could benefit other teachers in your class
Lesson Plan
Now that you have been introduced to the world of digital gamified learning, you have
the opportunity to apply this knowledge and design a lesson using a digital game(s). For this
assignment, we would suggest that you use one or more of the games that you wrote about
previously in this module. Also, be specific about how it will be used in a lesson. Write a
summary (500+ words) of how you would use a digital game in your classroom. Use the
following questions to help you plan out and describe the usage of digital games in a lesson
(your content area). You should go beyond these questions, they are a guide as you develop your
usage of digital games in your lesson.
Questions to consider:
What game will you utilize in your lesson? (one or more)
What level of integration is the game?
What topic/standard/content will the game(s) be supporting?
What content will you cover in your lesson plan?
How will the game compliment your lesson and content?
o How will you use the game(s) to facilitate engagement and learning?
How much of the class do you expect the game to occupy?
o How will this potentially affect student engagement and learning?
How do you envision the game helping with student engagement and learning?
What knowledge or skills might students need to fully utilize your chosen game(s) in
their learning?
What will your backup plan look like (technology failure)?
What potential difficulties could occur in your lesson?
Make sure your summary is 500+ words excluding the questions above, if you use the
questions in your summary
Think about how you would want to learn in your content area
o What would be fun?
o What would engage you and others?
You can use a lesson you have previously taught as the basis for adding digital game(s)