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Navigating the Globe
AWH 184-185
1. What two tools did Christopher Columbus use to guide him to the new world?
2. Which Greek mathematician calculated the circumference of Earth?
3. What invention allowed sailors to approximate their latitude by measuring the angle of the sun above the
horizon at noon?
4. Why did Europeans look for a water route to the countries of India and China?
5. What nationality was Christopher Columbus, who sailed for Spain to discover the new world in the
6. Where was Columbus’ first stop when he set sail from Spain in 1492?
7. Where did Columbus think he had landed when he stepped onto the soil of San Salvador?
8. Which European sailor is credited with sailing from Europe to Asia?
9. What Spanish term means “new world”?
10. Which European explorer is honored by the naming of the new world as “the Americas”?
11. What two other groups or explorers explored the northern shores of North America by the time Vespucci
had wrote about the exporations of the “new world”?
12. What was the crowning feat of this age of Exploration that began in 1519?
13. Who was the explorer who set out on this long voyage?
14. What explorer took command of the ship, that had set out to find the western passage, to complete the
journey around the world?
15. What statement is inscribed in Elcano’s coat of arms?