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Chapter 2 Review Sheet
NAME ________________________
Look up the answers to each of the questions below.
Inca ruler captured by Pizarro Athualpa
Mali’s greatest king Mansa Musa
Conquered the Aztec Empire Hernan Cortes
Aztec Emperor Montezuma
Henry Hudson’s ship Half Moon
To place upon something or someone impose
Traditional story saga
Narrow sea passage strait
A large estate plantation
Special privileges grants
Which Portuguese prince laid the groundwork for a new era of
Henry the Navigator
Which Spaniard landed on the east coast of present-day Mexico?
Hernan Cortes
Which explorer founded Quebec?
Which explorer discovered the long-awaited eastern sea route?
Vasco Da Gama
Which explorer’s crew was the first to sail around the world?
Ferdinand Magellan
The historical period of intellectual and artistic creativity is?
What were the three ships that Columbus sailed?
Santa Maria
What did England, France and the Netherlands hope to discover?
Northwest passage to India
From their trading posts in Africa, the Portuguese traded for what?
Gold and slaves
Hernando de Soto traveled as far west as where?
What were the reasons that Spain agreed to pay for Columbus’s
The Spanish watched Portugal become wealthy from Asian trade.
After the last Muslim kingdom in Spain was driven out in 1492, King
Ferdinand and Queen Isabella could focus on their goal of opening a
way to Asia. Columbus promised to find a passage and also to bring
Christianity to any lands he found.
How did the need for new trade routes lead to the discovery of the
The desire to share in the riches of Asia led to European expeditions
to find new and better trade routes to Asia. This exploration led to the
discovery of lands new to them. For example, Columbus sailed on
behalf of Spain in order to find better trade routes, but instead, he
discovered America.