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Chapter 2
Section 1
The Age of Exploration
Christopher Columbus
 Vasco Nunez de Balboa
 Ferdinand Magellan
 Strait
 Circumnavigate
Who was the first to discover
NOT Columubs!
 Viking Lief Erikson sailed to Greenland
and settled in Newfoundland.
◦ Evidence found in 1963
Goal: to reach Asia by sailing West across
Atlantic Ocean
 Portugal refused to give Columbus money,
Spain agreed.
◦ Portugal traveled around horn of Africa
90 men in 3 Ships: Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
How did Columbus Sail?
“Land HO!”
Columbus finds land on October 12
 He thought he was in the Indies in Asia
 Landed on the Island of Hispaniola
Reasons for Taking over West Indies
Other Explorers
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
 Spanish explorer
 Traveled through Panama to Pacific Ocean
Ferdinand Magellan
 Portuguese explorer
 Goal: to find Atlantic Pacific Route
 Killed by Phillipinos
 His crew Circumnavigated the Globe!
Columbian Exchange
Transfer of goods, people, and ideas
between Western and Eastern
 Negative Exchange:
◦ Diseases, Slavery,
Positive Exchange:
◦ Cows, hogs, domestic animals, food plants,